Friday 10th August 2012 Gocek Marina to Tersane Adasi

Quite a few Sailing Boats in Gocek Today
The Ropes Look Neat on the Boat Beside Us
A Delightful Small Private Gulet Arrives in the Spare Berth
Our Late Departure from the Municipal Marina
The Delightful Town of Gocek is Surrounded by Mountains
A Gulet in Full Sail is a Lovely Sight in the Bay
Owned by a Swiss Pharmaceutical Billionaire, Valva is One of the Most Expensive Boats Ever Built
Arriving in Tersane on Tersane Island South of Gocek
The Only Restaurant in the Small Bay is Run by a Family who Owns and Farms the Land Here
The Bay is Surrounded by Byzantine Ruins

We departed Gocek after having a few days in the Municipal Marina. Our plan was to go out for a few days and return to allow workmen to fix a job that needed urgent repairs. Once again we have had problems that have occured due to the bad workmanship that was done in Preveza over winter. We also made the decision to replace the covers on the front sunlounges and replace the bimini at the stern of the Tangaroa, as both had started to deteriorate badly during this trip. We were very fortunate to find a wonderful sailmaker called Adullah (Apol for short) who was happy to do the job for us, so he measured up and when we return he would do some fittings. We left Gocek late afternoon and travelled south to one of the islands in the large Gocek Bay area called Tersane. We dropped anchor in the bay with the same name as the island and was impressed with the Byzantine ruins that were scattered all around the foreshore. This bay in the past housed a sizeble community however the land is now owned and run by just one family who have developed a restaurant and a pier for its customers, who mostly come by boat.

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