2018-06-19 Puerto de Sòller to Cala de Engossaubas, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

Puerto de Sòller is one of our favourite ports in Mallorca and it is always wonderful to return here
As our guests have limited time we decide to continue further up the west coast
With a slight seaway a day tripper boat races past us at great speed
Continuing on we pass the wooded coastline and the lovely anchorage of Cala Tuent which we anchored in and spent several hours last year
Mallorca is a stunning island with beautiful beaches and lovely bays, however the west and north coasts are very rugged in comparison, by equally spectacular

Soon we reach Cala de la Calobra which is one of the main attractions of the north west coast
The fast ferry which passed us at great speed, takes its passengers to the nearby bay to disembark 
A tunnel and a walkway have been carved into the gigantic hills to link the two bays and stunning beaches
It wasn’t long before the small narrow beach looked like it was standing room only!!
After safely anchoring the Tangaroa, Ric, Julian and I decide to swim ashore taking the waterproof camera
Past the narrow sea entrance Cala de la Calobra opens up to a large canyon where the Torrente de Pareis ( now a gentle stream) flows to the sea
On our last visit here last year, there were at least two dozen boats moored off the spectacular beach……not many today

We continue on after spending a couple of hours enjoying the swimming and having lunch in the popular spot
Very high vertical cliffs can be found by Cala de la Calobra
Next we pass the amazing wedge shaped Punta Topina and then Punta de la Galera and Cala Castell
Soon the lighthouse at Cabo de Formentor, the northern tip of Mallorca comes into view
As we intend crossing to Menorca early in the morning, we anchor for the night in Cala de Engossaubas on the southern side of the northern point
This is a sheltered and convenient anchorage for us overnight
Another swim before dinner
Dinner is served…..
Tonight we enjoy a seafood red curry with vegetables…delicious

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