2018-08-31 San Antonio to Cala Binniras, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

We had a comfortable night moored in Coves Blanques by the port of San Antonio
Saturday morning sailing for the local youngsters
As we depart we get a wave from our close neighbours
The delightful German couple and children are cruising the Med while living aboard their yacht for a couple of years
We enjoyed going ashore last night by dinghy and checking out the local nightlife
The restaurants overlooking the bay have plenty of customers during the day and evening
Looking back to our overnight anchorage in Coves Blanques
We continue north west out of the large San Antonio bay passing Cabo Blanch, another pleasant anchorage
Spectacular houses with equally spectacular views line the coastline here
Cala Salada is one of the most popular bays on the mid western coast of Ibiza
Continuing further up the north west coast, we approach the iconic islet Ses Margalides
Along the north west coast of Ibiza, the scenery consists mainly of high rugged cliffs
We were keen to have a swim on our way up the coast, however there were very few suitable places to drop an anchor because of the depth
Finally we arrive at Cala Binirras, another one of our favourite anchorages in Ibiza
Cala Binirras is well recognised by the rock resembling Queen Victoria in the cente of the entrance to the bay
This delightful small bay is often very crowded, however fortunately we were able to find a suitable anchorage here for the night
A tradition here in the bay, usually starting just before sunset, is where a group of drummers start beating their drums for the onset of the sun going down
Boats appear to be lined up in the bay as the sunset nears
More people arrive to watch and listen to the drummers
Finally the sun sets over the horizon and slowly the drummers stop and then cheers from the onlookers can be heard
Not long after sunset, dinner is served on the Tangaroa ….. tonight we have a delicious chicken and vegetable green curry
Queen Victoria …. an uncanny resemblance!!

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