7th June 2014 Skiathos Port to Loutraki, Skopelos via Kastro



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After bidding farewell to Jennifer we departed the delightful town of Skiathos and motored our way north towards the Kastro. Once in the bay we dropped our anchor so that we could  spend the afternoon swimming and enjoying the magnificent scenery. We visited the small taverna which was positioned overlooking the beach and the ancient castle. There we enjoyed the hospitality of the host and sampled some of the local delicacies on offer. Once we relaxed and then swam after our lazy lunch we continued our trip and headed east to the next small island of Skopelos. The port of Loutraki was an ideal anchorage for the night. Rather than tie up at the pier we dropped our anchor in the bay and then by dinghy we went ashore and took a taxi up to the hillside town of Glossa where we spent a couple of hours strolling around the narrow streets.

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