31st May 2014 Volos

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Today we hired a car and spent the day sightseeing the beautiful hilltop villages of Mount Pelion and the rugged coastal bays east of Volos. Many of the villages we could see a few days earlier as we were motoring down the Volos Peninsular. There are also many hidden and beautiful villages in the area which are surrounded by woodland and streams. It was a stunning area for us to visit as it was quite different from being on the water all the time. On our return we met an American couple, Craig and Cory who had kept their yacht in Volos over the winter and were now preparing her for their sailing season. After having drinks aboard the Tangaroa we decided to join them in their favourite Greek tsipouradiko restaurant called Zen. As long as you order drinks, the restaurant keeps bringing small plates of interesting tasty food. Very inexpensive way of eating as long as you have the stamina for the local spirit tsipouro, which fortunately we all enjoyed!!!

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