30th May 2014 Ormos Vathoudhi, Trikeri Peninsular to Volos

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After a reasonably comfortable night, despite the windy and rainy conditions, in the morning the weather had improved greatly. Looking out over the small, almost deserted island that gave us good shelter overnight, with it’s large herd of goats looked very peaceful this morning. An old farmhouse on the hill appeared uninhabited and a few ¬†ramshackle sheds by the water with a dinghy nearby were the only signs of life apart from the goats. It was time to move on and make our way to Volos which is at the top of the Volos Gulf. Volos is reasonably modern city which was rebuilt after being flattened by a large earthquake in 1955. In ancient times Volos was the site of ancient cities dating back several thousand BC. On our arrival in Volos, the 3rd largest industrial port in Greece, we noticed a very long breakwater sheltering the town port. West of the breakwater were huge cargo wharfs and another port which was full of fishing boats of all sizes. Beyond Volos is one of the largest agricultural areas of Greece and also there is a large steel industry in the area, so no doubt it had become such a major commercial port. Most of the spaces for visiting yachts that were available along the town quay in the Volos were taken, so we decided to moor along the almost empty breakwater quay. Once settled we assembled our bikes and set out to explore the city.

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