Saturday 30th June 2012 Ormos Manganari, Ios Island to Mirsini, Nisos Skhinousa

Calmer in the Bay This Morning
Heading North East into the Wind and the Choppy Seas Again
Not the Most Ideal Boating Conditions
Finally Reaching the SE Point of the Small Island of Iraklia
Delightful Bay on the Tiny Island of Ofidoussa
Crystal Clear Water
Great Here for Snorkling and Swimming


Much More Sheltered in this Area
A Rather Large Boat in this Tiny Port
The Port of Mirsini on the Small Island of Skhinousa
Not a lot of Berths for Yachts Visiting Mirsini
This Boat will Remain here in the Port for Three Months
Nicolas is one of the Tavernas in the Port
A Beautiful Yacht Mooring at the Port Entrance
What a Delightful Setting!!
Deep Fried Shrimps with Chilli Jam

Grilled Squid
The Most Amazing Clear Water

To our surprise this morning, after a rather windy night, the conditions had eased and Manganari Bay became the calm, sheltered bay that it was known for. With our daughter and son in law arriving in a week in Mykonos, we took advantage of the conditions and continued our journey. We had heard the island of Amorgos was wonderful, so we made our way around the southern tip of Ios and headed north east towards it. Not long into our journey we experienced the typical conditions of the Aegean, with winds and a very confused sea. Changing direction we headed almost due north into the wind, which made conditions less turbulent. Unfortuately we did not get to Amorgos, however we discovered a small group of amazing islands south of Naxos where we spent a wonderful day and sheltered in the most beautiful small port overnight. Mirsini, on Skhinousa Island held very few boats and fortunately there was just room for us to drop our anchor. A quite large motor yacht overshadowed the bay with it’s presence. Later we were told that the owner, a very wealthy Greek gentleman, kept the yacht there for three months and used it like a hotel for his guests. The surrounding islands here are quite untouched and beautiful and can be easily accessed by smaller boats. Not a bad idea!! We could not help ourselves and went ashore for a delightful dinner in the evening at Nicolas. This tastefully decorated taverna with its equally tasteful dishes was positioned beautifully to enjoy the view of this tranquil little bay.

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