2nd August 2013 Sarpdere Limani to Kirkdilim Limani

We Depart this Lovely Bay with it’s Wooded Hills and Very Clear Water
Our Nearby Neighbour Overnight, a Lone Belgium Sailor with His Dog
The Wind is Still Blowing Very Strongly and the Forecast is for it to Increase
This Yacht is Securely Moored in a Small Cove in West of Sarpdere Limani
The Coastline is Quite Beautiful Along this Part of the Coast
The Same Fishermen in the Same Spot Several days Ago РMust be a Sheltered Spot  While Waiting for the Nets to Fill
Our Arrival in Kirkdilim Limani to Find a Boat Already Moored in the Beautiful Bay
We Decide we will Invade Their Privacy and Join Them in these Idyllic Surroundings
We Give the Other Boat Plenty of Space and Moor in a Safe Position on the west Side of the Bay
The Water is Absolutely Crystal Clear and the Beach Looks Inviting
It was Quite a Distance Swimming to the Beach into a Strong Headwind – We must be Getting Fitter !
Ric Watching His Step on the Rocky Beach
This Beach is One of the Most Attractive Beaches we have Visited in this Area
Multicoloured Rocks from the Shoreline will Add to My Rapidly Increasing Rock Collection
A Beautiful Rocky Beach with Unfortunately a lot of Litter
The Sun Slowly Disappearing in Kirkdilim Limani

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