29th May 2014 Platamona to Ormos Vathoudhi, Trikeri Peninsular

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As we had a long distance to motor today we made quite an early start at 6 am. Conditions at this hour are usually very calm however we were aware the wind was going to pick up during the morning. The early morning sunlight on the castle looked absolutely spectacular, as did the waterfall of the sun’s rays through the dark clouds. Passing many villages along the coast we continued to the Volos Peninsular and the nearby Northern Sporades Islands. Once ¬†nearing the bottom of the peninsular a large marble mine with it’s barren white hills can be seen from quite a distance. Several small villages along the southern coast of the peninsular look inviting however as a storm was coming we decided to continue into the Volos Gulf for shelter. Once in the gulf it was not long before the wind picked up and the rain clouds appeared. Tangaroa handles most conditions very well, so as the front went through we only had minimal discomfort. Making a decision to find a secure mooring for the night, we headed for Ormos ¬†Vathoudhi by the Trikeri Peninsular. We anchored by a small island that gave us good shelter from the wind that was going to continue overnight. After 10 hours of motoring we both were pleased to finally relax for the evening.

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