2019-09-26 ACI Marina, Split, Croatia

The ACI Marina is in an amazing position close to the old town. One can walk, take a taxi or even a water taxi which regularly comes and goes from the marina
Late morning after our guest’s bags were packed for their early evening departure, we all headed into the old town of Split
The Prokurative, which is the name of the collection of neo-Renaissance buildings which surround the Republic Square
We head along the promenade
The Riva Promenade which dates back 1700 years, is a very popular waterfront open space and is 250 m long and 55 m wide
The Riva, which is very popular with visitors is flanked by tall palm trees, bustling cafes and many shaded benches
From the Riva Promenade we head through the narrow archway to the old part of the city
Fruit Square is affectionally named after the women who came from surrounding villages to sell their fruit. The monument of the father of the Croatian literature, Marko Marulic stands in the centre of the popular square
Restaurants and cafes are plentiful in the old city
Most buildings in the old town are well preserved and some freshly painted
The 15th Century Clock Tower overlooking the Pjaca or People’s Square
The narrow alleyways of the old town are always congested with tourists during the busy seasons
We pass the fish market which was nearing pack up time
We stroll down the popular Marmont Street
A most unusual fountain
We stop for a coffee break in the Republic Square
The octagonal Venetian Guard Tower of Fruit Square
Another photo with the famous philosopher
We arrive at the most impressive tourist attraction of Split, the Palace of Diocletian which is overlooked by the bell tower of Saint Domnius Cathedral
Peristil Square, adjacent to the cathedral, was the central square of the Diocletian Palace
The only entrance to the cathedral is off Peristil Square
The Cathedral of Saint Domnius was consecrated at the turn of the 7th century AD and is regarded as the oldest Catholic cathedral in the world that remains in use in its original structure
The Vestibul which was built up to the beginning of the 4th century as the original part of the ancient palace. It was built as a circular grand meeting hall for very important people and was once topped with a dome 17 m high and 12 m in diameter
Nearby we visit several remains of the ancient palace
We check out the narrow back streets of Split where the locals mostly live
From cushions on the steps in 2011 to a more upmarket bar today
We head back towards the marina via the Riva Promenade
John and Mary have booked a cabin for tonight on one of the passenger ferries that sails between Croatia and Italy
We head towards the taxi ramp to take us back to the marina
We return to the Tangaroa in the ACI Marina
With the very hot weather we have been experiencing we have often being using the sun shades over the cockpit of the Tangaroa to keep the boat cooler
Time for John and Mary to leave and continue their holiday in Italy
Ric and I decide to enjoy the beautiful evening and take the water taxi back into the old town
Moored in the harbour tonight is quite a huge superyacht
Safe sailing John and Mary
People’s Square
We check out a few of the restaurants in the old town
Portofino ticked all the boxes for our choices for dinner tonight
After a superb night we return to the marina

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