2019-09-21 Striznja, Kornati Island to Komiza, Vis Island, Croatia

Goodbye to our hosts in Striznja Bay
We decide to take our guests to some of the other islands closer to to
Heading south east we leave the barren islands of the Kornati Archipelago
West of Zirje Island we pass by the tiny islet called Blitvenica with it’s conspicuous lighthouse
With no wind and clear blue skies the water was like a mirror as we made our way towards Vis Island
Lunch is served during our 6.5 hour trip
A few hours later the island of Vis can clearly be seen
To the north we see the coast of the mainland of Croatia near the old town of Primosten
Arriving atNea the north west coast of Vis Island near Perna Beach
Nearby lying on the western coast of Vis is the old town of Komiza which was settled in the 12th Century
We make our way into the port after a 110 km journey from Striznja
Standing out by the beach in Komiza is the Church of Our Lady of the Pirates
We manage to get a berth along the main pier of the Port of Komiza
Ric , John and Mary took the opportunity to do some shopping during a stroll around the delightful town. We have visited Komiza a few times in the past so I took the advantage of doing some washing while everyone was ashore
Our friends love cooking and we were happy to enjoy another delicious dish prepared by John and Mary
John perfectly cooked a massive T-bone steak on our barbecue which was accompanied by a delightful salad

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