2019-09-20 Vrulji to Striznja, Kornati Islands, Croatia

Ric and John return from having a morning coffee ashore and purchasing some freshly baked bread
Lunch aboard before our departure from Vrulji Bay
The left over roast lamb with salad was perfect for our lunch
After lunch we pull up the anchor and make a move from one of our favourite bays on the main island of Kornat in the Kornati Islands
Heading a short distance northwest up the island of Kornat we see the ancient ruins of Fort Tureta
Another delightful bay with a small village is Striznja on the main island
Nearby is Mana Island which was one of the sites chosen for a filmset of a 1959 movie called “As the sea Rages”
Buildings for the film were erected on the rugged island which still stand today
The sheer cliffs are amazing in the Kornati Islands
We head a short distance north to Levrnaka Island which has a sandy beach on the western coast
Anchoring off Logena Beach we look forward to having a swim in the crystal clear warm water
Late afternoon we head back to the main island of Kornat
We decide to go into Striznja which is situated 2 km north of where we anchored the previous evening
Tonight we intend dining ashore so we tie up to the jetty of the restaurant called “Darko”
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Once settled we check out the menu at the restaurant
There is a good selection of very fresh fish which was caught today
A very pleasant couple operate the family restaurant
Around 7 pm with a spectacular sunset we head the short distance to Darko Restaurant
Being so late in the sailing season we happen to be the only patrons in the restaurant tonight
We begin our seafood dinner with some grilled fresh octopus
We share the special local fish recommended by our hosts
John and Mary professionally serve the baked fish with potatoes
“Mrs Darko”

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