2019-09-19 Vela Stupica, Zirje Island to Vrulji, Kornati Island, Croatia

This morning with overcast conditions we prepare to depart Vela Stupica and head towards the Kornati Islands
Konoba Stupica where we dined the previous evening
Heading in a north westerly direction we can see in the distance the outline of some of the numerous islands (in total 109 small and large) that make up the Kornati group
We approach one of our favourite islands called Otok Vela Smokvica
We enter the familiar bay which we have visited several times in the past
Konoba Piccolo, the restaurant which we have enjoyed many times on Smokvica is still operating in the heart of the bay
The other restaurant called Konoba Smokvica appears to have been modernised since our last visit
We decide to continue on as it was far too early for lunch and there were a lot of the Kornati Islands still to see!!
Most of the terrain in the Kornati Islands is karst-limestone which in the distant past arose from the sediment in the sea. There is very little vegetation on the islands as over the centuries there has been major deforestation with subsequent erosion and overgrazing of sheep and goats
The tiny fishing villages in the small bays nowadays depend mostly on tourism. The bays have family restaurants which are popular with visitors arriving by boat
The scenery in the Kornati Islands is extraordinary with the barren hills almost resembling the lunar surface
We find a delightful spot where we enjoy a pleasant lunch aboard
Accompanied by a delightful wine
Old drystone walls which designates the boundaries for the landowners can be seen all over the islands of Croatia
After lunch we continue our trip through the Kornati Islands which go for a length of 35 kms and are the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea
We decide to call into Vrulji, a small fishing village on the southern side of the large main island of Kornat
A new addition to the bay since our last visit!!
After anchoring in the bay we decide to go ashore
The township is very popular with sailing and cruising boats which can tie up to one of the piers or pick up one of the moorings in the bay
The tiny village is very quaint with stone houses and red tiled roofs
We enjoy a drink in one of the restaurants
Returning to the boat
Another spectacular Croatian sunset
We dine aboard tonight with John being our Chef with the assistance of Mary
A wonderful dinner of roast lamb with vegetables is served …… absolutely delicious

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