2019-09-17 Stracinska Bay, Solta Island to ACI Marina Trogir, Croatia

Farewell to our close neighbours
Over the years very little has changed in this beautiful bay
The water is still as clear as it always was in the past!!
Late morning we slowly make our way out of the bay
Stracinska Bay is quite a deep bay open to the south. It is close to 1 km from the outer entrance to Uvala Sajtija, the eastern of the two forks of the bay
Wonderful reflections today!
For a change we decide to motor along the southern coast of Solta on our way to Trogir
There are many small anchorages along the 18 km southern coast of Solta Island
Approaching Maslinica, the only town on the narrow west coast of Solta Island
Numerous small islets protect the entrance to Maslinica
Maslinica has a delightful port which has a generous marina built a decade ago
With a fairly small population of only a few hundred people the town is well known for tourism and wine production over the past centuries
Once on the northern coast of Solta Island we head north towards Ciovo Island which is close to our destination of Trogir
Otok Ciovo consists of several beautiful townships
Here there are many lovely homes and holiday houses overlooking the water
Heading east along the northern coast of Otok Ciovo we make our way to Trogir which is where our visitors from Tasmania will be meeting us this evening
In the distance is the ancient town of Trogir
Anchoring out in the bay is popular with the larger boats visiting Trogir
Approaching the historic city of Trogir which now is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
We have been to Trogir on many occasions and each time we visit by boat it is as spectacular as the last visit!!
Mid afternoon we arrive at the ACI Marina Trogir
We pre booked a marina berth to ensure easy access to our boat for our visitors
Empty marina berths which will be almost full by evening
After several hours of cleaning up the boat, washing and shopping for provisions, we were ready for our guests to arrive
Shortly after 7 pm as planned, our Tasmanian visitors John and Mary arrive
We agreed to have dinner aboard this evening as we knew our guests would be weary from travelling. Ric had prepared one of his chicken and vegetable green curries which was enjoyed by all!

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