2019-09-15 Stiniva Bay, Hvar Island to Stracinska Bay, Solta Island, Croatia

Early morning peace in Stiniva Bay
Our overnight anchorage has been one of the most picturesque villages we have stayed in over the years
Mid morning we decide to leave Stiniva Bay and make our way closer to the main town of Split where in a few days we will be collecting some Tasmanian guests
We head due north out of the beautiful Stiniva Bay and then veer east along the north east coast of Hvar
A secluded house called Tatinja Beach House can be seen in the next bay to the east of Stiniva
Most bays have quaint houses or small fishing villages along this spectacular coast
Looking north to the barren southern coast of the island of Brac
There is no shortage of eye catching large sailing yachts in the Croatian waters
Beach Brusje is another beautiful small inlet on the western part of the northern coast of Hvar
We decide not to continue further along the northern coast of Hvar. Instead we make our way west to the Island of Solta which has a wonderful sheltered bay that we have visited many times before
We approach the narrow busy strait between Brac Island and Solta Island to the west
We are quite careful crossing the strait as there is a lot of water traffic heading in multiple directions today
There appears to be a sailing race underway or a flotilla of yachts all going in one direction!!
Looking through the strait between Brac and Solta Islands with the town of Split in the background
We approach the familiar entrance to one of our favourite small bays which we have not visited since 2011
During 2011 we cruised Croatia for over 4 months. Stracinska Bay was one of our favourite bays close to Split for anchoring overnight or for visiting with guests for a swim on our way to one of the other islands
The water here is the most wonderful turquoise blue
During July and August there are many more boats usually anchored in Stracinska Bay
We drop the anchor, then reverse towards the land and tie a line ashore
Looking south towards the entrance to the bay
Once again it is time for a swim in the clear blue water of the stunning bay
Tonight there are very few boats on anchor overnight in Stracinska Bay
A wonderful vegetable curry is on the menu aboard the Tangaroa for us tonight

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