2019-09-13 Tri Luke Bay, Korcula Island to Soline Bay, St Klement Island via Hvar Island, Croatia

Today is Ric’s birthday and we have decided to go to one of our favourite places on St Klement Island
After breakfast we make a move from Tri Luke Bay on Korcula Island to head north west for approximately 34 kms (18 nautical miles) to the main town called Hvar on Hvar Island
Hvar is a long narrow island 68 km long and 10.5 km wide at the widest point. With a high east-west ridge of limestone and dolomite it has typical Mediterranean vegetation, mostly bare with woody scrub at higher steeper levels
Chillies doing well on the Tangaroa
As we approach the coast near the town of Hvar we pass the Pokonji Dol Lighthouse which is perched on it’s tiny circular islet
Approaching the main town of Hvar Island
We have visited this town called Hvar a dozen times in the past 12 years and we have always thought it to be one of the Mediterranean’s special stunning towns
Hvar has a long history, beginning with the first inhabitants which were Neolithic people. It is believed that they probably established trade links between Hvar and the eastern shores of the Mediterranean. In the 4th Century BC the Greeks colonised Hvar Island. The fort overlooking the port was established by the Venetian Empire which made the city an important naval base. The 700 year old walls, public buildings and houses of the fort still survive today!!
The town which is located on the south west of the southern coast of the island is very popular for tourists, especially June to August. Fortunately September it starts to quieten down and there are less boats in the harbour
As we have done in the past we have moored the Tangaroa in the bay and have gone ashore by dinghy
A popular cafe and restaurant in Hvar
The popular main square of Hvar, which is very quiet compared how it usually is during the peek season
Coffee and cake for the Birthday Boy!!
I take the opportunity to go to the same hairdresser which I have been to twice in 2011
Once we stock up with some groceries we head back to the Tangaroa
Once aboard the Tangaroa we make a move as the sea breeze had arrived
We head a small distance south west toward St Klement Island
Good sailing conditions this afternoon!!
We arrive in Soline Bay in the south west of St Klement Island
In the evening we head ashore by dinghy
There is a small jetty where one ties up one’s dinghy to go ashore to one of the nearby restaurants
The path which goes for roughly 400 metres is quite rocky and it is a good idea to wear comfortable shoes and take a torch
The cactus bushes are plentiful along the path
For the 8th visit we arrive at the Kanoba Dionis
Not a lot has changed in 8 years ….. it is still a delightful place to come for dinner
As it is the end of the season and a lot of the tourists, especially the Italians have left, the restaurant is fairly quiet
Our favourite Zucchini Pie is still on the menu
We order some delicious grilled squid and freshly caught fish
Happy 71st Birthday Ric !!!
Special pancakes for the Birthday Boy!!!

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