2019-09-09 Bari Port, Italy to Luka Velji Lago, Lastovo Island, Croatia

Mid morning after much deliberation we decide to leave Bari and make a crossing to Croatia. Checking the weather and sea conditions we thought it was an ideal time to leave for the approximate 13 hour journey travelling 95 nautical miles (177 km) due north
As we leave the port we look back to the old town with it’s magnificent Basilica and Cathedrals
Goodbye to Bari and farewell to Italy!!
Five hours later we are well and truly on our way to Croatia with sea conditions reasonably good
We had a little mishap with our dinghy filling up with water from a couple of rogue waves!! Fortunately we managed to secure it with extra rope to keep it aboard!!
By early evening the wind had picked up a little however we kept changing direction to keep the trip reasonably comfortable
Shortly after 7 pm the sun began setting
Another magnificent sunset over the water
Soon we will be in darkness with our eyes glued to the radar and all the electronics to keep us safe!! There are a lot of large freighters and ships travelling in the evening and overnight all through the Mediterranean Sea

Finally after almost 14 hours of travelling we arrive in Croatia at the island of Lastovo. We made our way into a lovely calm bay and we were very relieved we had arrived safely. The wind had picked up during the evening which at times made the sea quite choppy. Nevertheless when one arrives in darkness after a long trip it always is definitely a relief!!

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