2019-09-02 Le Castella to Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy

After our 5.30 am departure from Le Castella we begin our journey north east across to the heel of the Italian boot to the port of Santa Maria di Leuca
With a superb sunrise and a calm sea, the conditions are very pleasant for the next leg of our trip
9 hours later we approach our destination
Santa Maria di Leuca is famous for it’s iconic lighthouse which is 47 m in height and located on top of a promontory 102 m above sea level on the south east tip of Italy
By the lighthouse is a large Santuary, or Basilica called De Finibus Terrae (End of the Land) built between 1720 and 1755
Making our way towards the marina where we have reserved a berth for a few nights
Once the Tangaroa was securely berthed we decide to get our bikes out and explore the town
With temperatures being quite hot today there we many of the locals enjoying the water in the bay
Torre dell’ Omomorto, an ancient lookout which is in a state of disrepair
Looking towards the marina which is situated on the Ionian Coast
Our electric bikes have been fabulous during our many years of travelling with the Tangaroa.
Once back in the centre of the town we visit the local church called the Church of Christ the King
We return to the marina for dinner aboard and an early night
Early evening around 7.30 pm a tourist boat returns to port with loud music and a boat load of dancing and singing young people!!

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