2019-09-01 Reggio di Calabria to Le Castella, Italy

At 6am we make an early start from the Port of Reggio di Calabria
40 minutes later heading south over the toe of the Italian boot, we look back to the Strait of Messina
At 7am we pass several dozen fishermen ashore standing evenly spaced along the local beaches
Passing Aeroporto di Reggio Calabria
As we continue down the Calabrian coast we admire the spectacular rugged scenery
Many local fishing boats are out early this morning at the southern wider end of the Strait of Messina
Travelling east along the limestone coast of southern Calabria
Capo Spartivento is a historical landmark situated almost at the southern tip of the mainland of Italy
Now heading north east we continue up the Calabrian coast
There are only a few large hotels spotted during our journey
We have a couple of cheeky visitors arrive as we motor along the coast
Dolphins love swimming at the bow of the boat
One of the few boats we pass on our long trip
More dolphins!!
Today with such good conditions we plan to motor as far as we can before dark
After 12.5 hours of motoring along the Calabrian coast we arrive at Le Castella which has an Aragonese Castle which is apparently one of the most beautiful and famous in southern Italy
We approach the bay on the eastern side of the town which has a couple of boats moored for the evening
A dismal sight in the bay!!
A late decision is made to cross the bay to a more sheltered position under Capo Rizzuto

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