2019-08-30 Marina D’Arechi, Salerno to Palinuro, Italy

In the morning we still had the same issues with one of our motors as we had prior to having a part replaced the previous day. The mechanics arrived and attempted to rectify the problem. Spending all those days in an expensive marina was a waste of time and money!!
With limited time before meeting our friends in Croatia, we made the decision to continue on our journey. As we could still start the problem motor with Ric manually priming the fuel pump on the motor and at the same time I would turn the start switch on and rev the controls in the main saloon
Leaving Marina D’Arechi in Salerno and heading south east down the Italian coast
Two and a half hours later we are heading towards the cape off Licosa
After passing the towns of Paestrum and Agropoli we next motor past Santa Maria di Castellabate
Joining an armada of boats on anchor, we stop for a while and have a swim off Isola Licosa before continuing our journey down the south west coast of Italy
Finally after 5 hours of motoring we come to the town of Palinuro which in years gone by, we have visited several times by hire car and once with the Tangaroa in more recent years
Palinuro is a popular holiday destination for Italians
In 2003 we were lucky enough to stay in Montana Antila (the hillside village, top left) staying in a friend’s house for a week. It was an amazing and memorable time spent meeting a township of friendly, kind and generous locals
Continuing on we make our way towards Capo Palinuro which has good overnight anchorages around the south eastern side
Many locals are out in the balmy evening
Once around the cape we join several other boats on anchor south of the local popular beach, Spiaggia Marinella
Looking south to the islet, Il Coniglio off Capo Palinuro
A glass of wine and a light dinner with leftovers this evening

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