2019-08-24 Marina D’Arechi, Salerno

Another hot and clear day in Salerno
All packed and ready for a long trip home!!
Unfortunately today our family are leaving us to return home to Tasmania
On our way to the International Airport of Naples we pass the infamous Mount Vesuvius which is still regarded as the most dangerous volcanoes in the world
Not that far from the lower slopes of Vesuvius is the Catholic church, the Missionari Redentoristi Colle Sant’Alfonso in the town of Torre del Greco
A sad goodbye at the airport to our family who are flying out of Naples for their long journey back to Australia
Before returning to Salerno we decide to spend the day in Naples
Coffee Italian style
After several hours visiting Naples once again, we head back on the 55 km journey back to the marina in Salerno
Overlooking the coastline and Rione Porto, the main commercial port of Salerno
Castello di Arechi
Returning to Marina D’Arechi
On the way back to the boat we spot a familiar Menorquin 160 which is identical to the Tangaroa apart from having a dark green hull. Three years ago we met the owner while moored in a bay on the Amalfi Coast
For dinner aboard tonight we enjoy a simple vegetarian dish

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