2019-08-23 Marina D’Arechi, Salerno

Today is our last day with our family who are departing in the morning to fly back to Australia
With the temperatures extremely high today, once we moored the Tangaroa our family decided to go to the nearby beach to cool off! The air-conditioning on the boat was turned on followed by the washing machine with it’s first load! Fortunately it was a great day for drying!
In the evening we leave the boat to go to the local restaurant in the marina
Another wonderful Italian sunset!!
Photo time again !!
Happy family!!
Marina D’Arechi which has berths for 1000 boats was completed and opened in 2012 and is one of the most modern marinas in the Mediterranean
We head towards the restaurant which has indoor seating with air-conditioning also outdoor dining if preferred
We chose to enjoy the pleasant outdoor warmth
For dinner we enjoyed some wonderful thin based Italian pizzas
We also shared some delicious gnocchi
The fish with clams was another wonderful dish we shared
After having our family aboard for almost three weeks we certainly will miss them. Nevertheless we will have some nice memories of our time together on the Tangaroa

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