2019-08-19 Cala Punta di Sogno via Sorrento to Marina del Cantone, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Overnight we were securely moored on one of the restaurant moorings in Cala Punta di Sogno
We had a fabulous evening last night enjoying the wonderful food and wine at the picturesque Ristorante Conca Del Sogno
Departing Cala Punta di Sogno we head back west
Continuing past Marina del Cantone where we intend anchoring and dining ashore in the evening
We return to Punta Campanella with Torre Minerva standing prominently on the point. Northern Capri can be seen in the background
Continuing around the spectacular coast we pass popular Baia delle Sirene
Marina di Puolo another spectacular bay west of well known Italian town of Sorrento
Villa Angelina proudly stands overlooking the sea by Marina di Puolo
Arriving in Sorrento looking towards Marina Grande which is the main fishing port which is surrounded by exclusive hotels
Hotel Bellevue Syrene, one of the many luxurious hotels built on the Sorrento clifftops overlooking the sea
The well known Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento is regarded as one of the leading hotels of the world
Several large sailing ships are on anchor in the sea off Sorrento
Unfortunately we were unable to secure a spot in the marina for a few hours !!
Never a shortage of super yachts on anchor in this popular area of the Italian coast
We decide to make our way and anchor in Meta di Sorrento which is in the north eastern corner of the popular Sorrento Bay
Hotel Mega Mare clings to the cliffs of Montechiaro overlooking the large bay of Sorrento
We join several boats on anchor in Meta di Sorrento
After a couple of hours on anchor enjoying some swimming and relaxing we decide to head back to the Amalfi Coast
Looking back to spectacular Sorrento
In perfect still conditions with our front awning still in place, we slowly make our way back to Marina del Cantone where we have booked a mooring buoy for the night
Capri Island with Scoglio Vervece, a small rock formation jutting from the sea in the foreground
Approaching Marina del Cantone on the Amalfi Coast
The Amalfi coastline is always very popular with large super yachts on anchor here …… today is no exception
In the evening we are collected from the Tangaroa by the Maria Grazia Restaurant water taxi service and brought ashore
The town of Nerano is a very popular holiday destination
The beach, as you will find in many areas of Italy consists of rocks ….. here they are larger than other areas
This is our second visit to this iconic restaurant called Maria Grazia which is situated in Nerano, via Marina del Cantone
Not happy photo time!!
The Tangaroa safely moored on one of the restaurant mooring buoys overnight
Once settled we order some nice Montepulciano vino tinto
Once again after a superb dinner and evening we are chauffeured back to the Tangaroa by the Maria Grazia taxi

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