2019-08-17 Ile de Procida to Isola di Capri, Italy

Nudie Rudie Betsey on the bow of the Tangaroa
Lots of jumping off the passarelle on the Tangaroa this morning
The tiny picturesque 4 square km island of Procida has a small population of around 10,000 people and due to it’s close proximity to Naples it is a very popular place to visit by boat or ferry
By midday there were so many boats of all sizes anchored in the bay
Mid afternoon we decided to go ashore to try one of the local seafood restaurants for a late lunch
Waterside restaurant Il Pescatore looked nice!!
We were very pleased there were large umbrellas for shade at Il Pescatore as temperatures today were in the high 30’s
Our granddaughter was happy to have Papa’s phone to play some uploaded kiddie games to keep her occupied during lunch
A wonderful finale to our superb lunch at Il Pescatore
A wonderful vista to the medieval walled town of Terra Murata
Although still very hot we decide to take a walk through the narrow streets of the town
It is not long before we return to the boat to get some relief from the heat of the afternoon
Someone very hot and not happy!!
After many visits to the island of Procida we still enjoy returning each time
Making our way back to the Tangaroa which is still surrounded by many boats
After a cooling off with a short swim, we unanimously decided to pull up the anchor and continue on for a change of scenery for the night
Procida is very close to the Italian coast at Miseno, west of Naples. There is a lighthouse, Faro Capo Miseno that stands out conspicuously high above the sandstone cliffs
Looking east, we see the large city of Naples and the infamous Mount Vesuvius
We have very pleasant travelling conditions as we head southeast towards the well known Mediterranean island of Capri
We approach the northern coast of Capri where the famous Marina Grande is situated …… at this time of year a berth for the Tangaroa would be well over A$500 a night!!!
We head south down the east coast of the island to see the amazing scenery and the amazing houses built on the steep cliffs high above the sea
We pass Villa Malaparte which is a modern Italian home built on the east coast of the island
A popular restaurant for lunch is the unique Da Luig ai Faraglioni
The rock formations rising out of the sea are truly spectacular here in Capri
The Faraglioni Islands on the south east corner of Capri are the entrance to one of the most popular anchorages in the western Mediterranean ( especially for super yachts)!!
We join a myriad of vessels anchoring once again in the popular Marina Piccola located in the south east of Capri Island
Il Favignana looks fantastic in the fading light
A spectacular view of a 3 masted yacht sailing by!!

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