2019-08-15 Ponza Island to Ventotene Island, Italy

Early morning scenery in Cala Ferno, a very popular anchorage off Isola di Ponza
Just after 7 am we pull up our anchor and continue our journey island hopping down the Italian west coast
We say goodbye to the lovely town of Ponza as we leave the island and head south east to our next destination, the small island of Ventotene
As we continue on, Isola di Ponza slowly fades into the distance
During our 2.5 hour journey to Ventotene Island we pass the sister ship of the Tangaroa which we anchored close to on the first night at Isola di Ponza
Arriving at the island of Ventotene which is situated east of Isola di Ponza
As this is our second visit to Ventotene and we have our family with us, we decide to get a berth in the port rather than anchoring on the outside
A ferry arrives just after our arrival in the port ….. waiting for the ferry to tie up before we see what is available
Soon after we are safely tied up in a spot along the pier of the port, the other Menorquin arrives, also seeking a berth
With our assistance, our new acquaintances moor in a berth along the pier nearby
The berths are limited along the port pier and it is the case of “first come first served”. The other option is booking and paying for a marina berth in the nearby marina
Our family decide to head off and take Betsey for a ride on her bike and a swim to get some relief from the very hot weather
A little later we also set off for a walk to again explore the lovely town and also to find a nice restaurant suitable for us all to go to dinner in the evening
By the large main port is the ancient Roman Port, Porto Romano which was completely excavated out of the rock banks 2000 years ago. About 60,000 sq m of rock was removed to create the protected narrow port which is still in use today
Nearby we come a across the family enjoying some nice cool drinks
The ancient port houses many of the small local boats
The narrow entrance to the ancient port which smaller visiting yachts and motorboats can comfortably use
We continue our walk around the beautiful tiny town with it’s quaint paths and delightful shops and restaurants
Not far from Ventotene Island is the small circular 400 m island of Santo Stefano which housed a prison for almost two centuries. The prison was built on 1797 and closed in 1965. Over the years it has housed many famous political prisoners
Continuing on we try to book a table at La Terrazza di Mimi for this evening however they were booked out with a private function
The scenery is spectacular overlooking the Cala Nave Beach and outlying islets
There would be no free umbrellas today!!
We check out another restaurant which again is booked out for dinner tonight
The Piazza Castello which houses the Ventotene Municipal Building
We circumnavigate the elevated town and arrive back overlooking the port where the Tangaroa is berthed
With the zoom lens we can easily see our family are back aboard and are enjoying the sun on the bow of the boat
We continue our walk around the lovely town coming to the church
By the church is the zigzag ramp which leads you down to the port or visa versa takes you from the port to the upper town
The ancient man made portico of the old Roman port, has a series of arches behind which lie large storerooms. Today they are used as shops, bars and restaurants
Returning to the Tangaroa berthed in the larger main port with it’s wall of amazing graffiti
The 5.30 pm ferry gets a friendly send off from several young onlookers
Tonight we decide to try Ristorante Porto Vecchio located in the ancient Porto Romano
After dinner we head up the zig zag stairs to have walk around the lovely town
Another full moon!!

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