2019-08-14 Ponza Island, Italy

We wake up to one of the most stunning vistas in the Mediterranean
Whatever direction one looks, the scenery is extraordinary
Spiaggia di Frontone is the main beach of Isola Ponza. It has crystal clear waters and is surrounded by beautiful mountains
We are lucky to have such wonderful weather and good cruising conditions
Looking back to the main town of Ponza
Mid afternoon we make the decision to have a change of scenery and move to one of the bays further north on the eastern coast of Isola Ponza
The eastern coastline is quite spectacular with white kaolin cliffs and striking blue green clear water
Punta Bianca, a pure white rock rising from the aqua sea, is a magnet to many small boats
Looking back to the town of Ponza disappearing behind us in the distance
We head further north passing Cala del Core and we continue on to Cala Inferno where there are many boats anchored
It is not long before we are anchored safely in Cala Inferno
Villa Cala Inferno which is an exclusive holiday residence overlooks the stunning bay
The coastal scenery of the small island of Ponza is quite stunningly unique
As the sun disappears, so do the many local boats and day trippers. All that remain in the beautiful bays are the seasonal sailors such as ourselves
Our cheeky granddaughter enjoying some fun on the bow of the Tangaroa as Ric checks the anchor and puts on the anchor snub chain
Tonight we cook aboard enjoying some delicious eye fillet steak (which Anthony cooked) and a nice fresh salad

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