2019-08-13 Ponza Island, Italy

After a very comfortable and easy overnight crossing from Sardinia heading towards the Italian island of Ponza, we experience a very pleasant sunrise at around 6.15 am
A couple of hours later we sight the small Italian island, Isola Palmarola which is located west of Isola di Ponza where we intend visiting later
Approaching Isola Palmarola, a craggy and mostly uninhabited island 10 kms west of Ponza
Palmarola has a very rocky coast with steep cliffs, some natural grottos and small attractive bays
Having very mild overnight temperatures and calm conditions we find numerous boats on anchor here by the small island
We join the fleet of vessels here to have breakfast and a swim
The scenery is stunning here at Palmarola ….. the famous French explorer and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau described this island as the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea
By mid morning we make our departure from the lovely Isola Palmarola
It is not long before we approach the west coast of Isola Ponza which is situated about 33 kms off the Italian west coast. As the crow flies the island is directly west of Naples!
Heading towards the southern point of Isola Ponza
The stunning white cliffs of Punta di Capo Bianco stand out on the western point of Ponza
Punta della Guardia is the actual southern tip of Isola Ponza
Stunning scenery here too!!
Approaching the main town which is on the east coast of the island
The ancient volcanic island has the most unusual coloured steep cliffs
The 7.5 sq km island has an amazing ancient history and today is a very popular tourist destination
We anchor beneath tall cliffs near another Menorquin which is almost identical to the Tangaroa
Looking towards the popular beach called Spiaggia Frontone
As usual Anthony and Betsey are off exploring the beaches on the paddle board
We take the opportunity to have another swim and enjoy the crystal clear water
We can’t resist calling over the icecream boat!!
After anchoring the Tangaroa slightly closer to the town, within an hour we were surrounded by many vessels ….
After dragging the dinghy ashore we make a booking at our favourite restaurant in Ponza before doing some exploring
The town of Ponza is one of the most beautiful towns we have visited in the Mediterranean
Looking towards Scoglio Ravia, a rocky outcrop with a house perched on top. The Tangaroa is moored behind it tonight
Great shopping along the upper walkway!!
The Blue Moon on the lower level is a fabulous bar with great cocktails
Ric is enjoying his Blue Moon Mojito
One of the many small alleyways with delightful shops, restaurants and bars
We head back towards Gennarino a Mare ( pale blue building at the end of the beach) where we have made an early (7.30) booking for dinner
The colours of the buildings are amazing ….
We have great views from the restaurant
Betsey fortunately is happy on her iPad while enjoying her favourite pasta dinner
Another amazing full moon tonight!!
With a little effort the boys manage to get the dingy into the water through the crowd of dinghies lined up on the beach
Back to the Tangaroa after a lovely evening ashore in Ponza

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