2019-08-12 Sardamar Marina, Cannigione, Sardinia with an overnight passage to Ponza Island, Italy

The new part for our watermaker was successfully installed and tested this morning. On our departure from the marina we rechecked the weather conditions and decided to continue with our plan to make a crossing from the northeast coast of Sardinia to Ponza Island which is situated off the west coast of Italy, near the city of Naples
After filling the tanks at the marina we begin our journey
Heading north up Golfo di Arzachena we say goodbye to Cannigione
There are plenty of elegant super yachts in the area
Once again we pass the exclusive Phi Beach Club in Baja Sardinia located at the north eastern tip of Golfo di Arzachena
Stunning scenery on this coast!
One of the many exclusive hotels in Baja Sardinia, the northeastern corner of Sardinia
We pass the Marina Dell’Orso – Poltu Quatu
The Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) is around 20 kms long situated on the northern east coast of Sardinia. It is an very popular destination, especially for the wealthy and famous, many cruising on their super yachts
Approaching Faro di Capo Ferro
The main building of the Capo Ferro Lighthouse
In the 1960’s Karim Aga Khan purchased many kilometers of this beautiful coast and developed it with some other investors creating the exclusive town of Porto Cervo
The entrance to the famous town of Porto Cervo, believed to have one of the most expensive marinas in the world!!
East of Porto Cervo is Isole Nubani. Around this area of the coast many famous international and local yacht races are held regularly
From Porto Cervo at approximately 2.40 pm we leave the coast of Sardinia for our 160 nautical mile (300 km) overnight trip to the Italian island of Ponza
Sea and weather conditions are perfect today and also overnight for our crossing to Ponza Island
Very pleasant and relaxing traveling conditions
We have some company for a short while
It is not long before the cruise ship disappears in the distance
Betsey fortunately is kept busy with her IPad
No wind, no waves and 28 degrees ……. perfect!!
Dinner and wine is served!!!
Once dinner was finished the men went to bed to get some sleep and Sarah and I were on the first watch duty until about 2.30 am!! Fortunately with radar and all the electronic equipment aboard we felt comfortable with the overnight journey. Having a full moon, no wind, a mirror sea and still 28 degrees we were very relaxed about the daunting task!!

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