2019-07-28 Northern Cannigione, Golfo di Arzachena, Sardinia, Italy

From early morning we have had a very strong north westerly wind blowing
The mistral wind often blows in July in Sardinia and can set in for several days!!
We are pleased we moved the day before as a lot of the boats anchored off the marina are quite closely anchored which could be a problem during strong wind
Fortunately we only have one other boat nearby and knowing our anchor is good and well set in sand, we have no worries about dragging
During the day the wind at times was reaching 40 knots
Our only close neighbour is still in the same position relative to us, which indicates neither of us have dragged our anchors during the day!!
Although quite mild today, it is obvious that it is much too windy for the keen beach goers!!
By sunset the wind had fortunately abated
To the north there were still plenty of fast moving clouds

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