2019-07-21 Cala Culip, Costa Brava, Spain to Iles de Porquerolles, Cote d’Azur West, France

At 6 am we make an early start from Cala Culip, a lovely bay on the north east corner of the Spanish coast
Heading in an easterly direction we leave the Spanish coast to begin our long journey across the Gulf Du Lion to Ile de Porquerolles, an island located south east of the French port of Toulon
We made our decision to travel a long distance today as the forecast was for no wind and totally flat seas
For most of the day we traveled through a thick sea mist which meant we mostly relied on our radar and our electronic devices for the 15 hour journey
We track one of the very few vessels we saw during our long trip
By mid afternoon the sun appeared and we left the sea mist behind us
The day draws to and end as we look back to the sun lowering in the western sky over Cap Cepet and Toulon situated in the Provence-Alps-Cote d’Azur
We continue east towards Ile du Grand Ribaud, a small island off Giens Peninsula on the south western French coast
We increase our speed slightly to arrive at our destination before dark
We pass the tiny island, Ile du Petit Langoustier which is situated at the western point of Iles de Porquerolles, our destination
An ancient fort stands prominently on the tiny island
We join numerous other boats in the bay off Plage de la Courtade on Ile de Porquerolles
Over the years of cruising the Med we have seen this unusual super yacht several times, firstly in Croatia in 2011
After 15 hours of comfortable travelling from Spain and covering 136 nautical miles (252 km) we were relieved to finally drop the anchor and relax!!

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