2019-07-14/15 Sant Carles de la Rapita, Costa Dorada, Spain

With our busy preparations for our imminent departure, for dinner we resorted to a delicious takeaway pizza from a local restaurant
Sunset over Sant Carles
As the usual starter at Can Bastiste we were presented with their special martini olives
The sashimi of very fresh tuna is a ‘must have’ when we have dined here at Can Bastiste in the past
The grilled octopus, a delicious dish and perfectly cooked
A couple of us share the amazing Llagostine casserole
The grilled fish with seafood was also fantastic
Next came the decadent desserts …..
The delicious icecreams were beautifully presented on their special plate
Ricci dared to be different with a coffee dessert
It was a great night ….. had by us all

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