2019-07-05 La Mision de Fray Diego, Merida to Hotel Xixim, Celestun, Mexico

Once we had checked out of our hotel we were collected by our driver/tour guide who drove us past some of the lovely old residences of Merida on our way out of town
In contrast we also visited some of the old neighborhoods passing one of the old churches, Ermita de Santa Isabel
Surprisingly, we also visited the local cemetery before our departure
Heading 105 km south of Merida we arrive at the ancient site of Kabah
In ancient times Kabah had a population of about 10,000 people and the layout of the ancient town aligns to a north/south axis
The most important and best known buildings in Kabah is the Codz Pop of Kabah
The Codz Pop is profusely decorated with large masks of the god Chaac
The Great Palace of Kabah was constructed with two floors
It was very pleasant visiting the old ruins of Kabah and it’s open green spaces and together with it’s well preserved buildings with their ornate facades
As we were leaving Kabah we came across a kaleidoscope of two types of butterflies near our vehicle
Travelling 22 km north west of Kabah we arrive at another ancient site called Uxmal
The massive Magician’s pyramid also known as Piramide del Adivino
Uxmal was the region’s most important and spectacular cities which was first occupied from 500 BC however the classical period between 800 and 1000 AD was the most significant time of occupation before being abandoned in 1200 AD
The Quadrangle of the Nuns was given it’s name by a Spanish historian as it reminded him of a Spanish convent. It is believed that it may have been a military academy or training school for Mayan princes
The well known Ball Game of ancient times was played here between opposing walls each with a stone ring hung vertically in the centre of each side
The Columns Building nearby has been well restored over the years
We decide to take the opportunity and climb the many steps of the La Gran Piramide of Uxmal
The views from the top were amazing
One had to be very careful climbing up and especially down the numerous steep steps
It was time to leave Uxmal and travel another 2 hours by car to our next destination Hotel Xixim, where the wedding is being held near the town of Celestun
We pass a few fruit and vegetable stands along our way
We see typical housing in the small Mayan villages which we pass through
Taxi bikes are very common in the small towns of the area
During our journey dark clouds started appearing, then came the loud thunder and it was not long before it began to rain quite heavily
Still with a few drops of rain we arrive in the town of Celestun
Not far to go now ……
The rain stopped, the clouds disappeared and the sun came out as we approached our destination, the Hotel Ximim
As we near the sea we pass large piles of salt
Hotel Xixim certainly is situated in a remote, quiet and undeveloped area of the Yucatan Peninsular
After checking into Hotel Xixim we walked along a lengthy pathway and arrived at number 28, our bungalow on the beach for the next few days
What a fabulous outlook over the beautiful sandy beach!!
We were very pleased with the comfortable and spacious bungalow we had booked
There was even a small wading pool and a hammock for relaxing
Just a very short walk through the sand dunes to the stunning beach
We look forward to attending the wedding and enjoying our 3 nights here at this delightful resort
Changeable weather today with high humidity ……. more clouds starting to appear
The ground floor of one of the main buildings

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