2019-07-03 Hotel HM Playa del Carmen, Cancun to La Mision de Fray Diego, Merida, Mexico

We say goodbye to our few days at the resort town of Playa del Carmen in Cancun and head for our next few days in Merida
The trip by car is approximately 300 kms west across the Yucatan Peninsular
We pass through some small typical Mayan villages
We arrive in the small town of Izamal which is situated about 75 kms east of Merida
A statue of Fray Diego de Landa who was a Spanish Franciscan priest and bishop of Yucatan who is best known for his classic account of the Mayan culture and language …… not to mention most of which he was also responsible for destroying !!
Here in Izamal we visit a local market firstly stopping at the Carniceria
Lots of locally grown vegetables for sale here
We next visit the Convento de San Antonio de Padau
The church here in Izamal is one of the oldest Catholic churches in the Americas
Izamal is known as the “Yellow City” as most of the buildings in the town are painted yellow
Local goods for sale on the bike carts
While in Izamal we visit the ancient site of Kinich Kakmo
Izamal is certainly a delightful little town
Lunch time
These were absolutely delicious
The salad was very fresh and tasty too
We finally arrive in Merida around 4pm
We check in to our hotel called “La Mision Fray Diego”
The hotel has a stunning central courtyard
There even is a swimming pool!!
We have a very generous two leveled room
In the evening we head down stairs to the little bar in the courtyard
A pre-wedding dinner is organised here for the guests and family of our friend’s son who is to marry a lovely Mexican girl at a resort in a few days time ….. hence our trip to Mexico etc etc !!
It is fantastic to catch up with our Tasmanian friends here in Mexico
Here with Kate, the mother of the groom
Bride to be, groom with Mexican family and friends
Happy smiles from the father of the bride and parents of the groom … and Ric

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