2019-07-02 Hotel HM Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Mexico

We are collected from our hotel at around 9 am for our 90 minute trip down the coast to the ancient site of Tulum
Arriving at the site, tickets are organised and we begin our private guided tour of Tulum which is a walled city whose origins date back to the 12th Century AD
The great wall surrounds and protects the ancient Mayan site on three sides
In ancient times the House of Halach Uinic is believed to have accommodated an important ancient ruler
Facing the ocean is the Temple of the Descending God which is part of the Castle
Situated overlooking the sea, the Temple of the God of the Wind is the most recognised ancient building of Tulum
Many visitors come to Tulum to visit the ancient site however also like to come to the town which has grown from a small village to a mecca for bars, hotels and beaches
The Temple of the Frescoes is regarded as the site’s most interesting building mainly due to the decorations of the façade
It is very unfortunate that a lot of the beautiful beaches of the Tulum area and all the way up the coast have had a major problem with a dark red, pungent smelling seaweed. It is being washed up on to the beaches in large quantities
The seaweed has also polluted the beautiful turquoise water which makes swimming impossible
You will see some interesting costumes here too!!
Shopping is always popular near all the old sites
Danza de los Voladores or the Dance of the Flyers is a ritual performed by Mayans in Mexico and Guatemala to stop droughts in ancient times. The four performers start at the top of a very high pole and gradually spin around upside down until they reach the ground!! Brave men!!
After a few hours we depart Tulum for our trip back to Playa del Carmen
After arriving back from Tulum we spent the afternoon relaxing around the pool at our hotel
This evening we decide to dine at Yum Yum, which is the sister restaurant to Oh LaLa where we went the previous evening
We tried a couple of their amazing Thai curries
We try a couple of the popular Mexican Mezcal drinks which are distilled from the agave plant
We finish our fabulous dining experience at Yum Yum with a stunning coconut dessert
The fabulous chefs
All the staff were friendly and very helpful

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