2019-06-29 Casa Goliana, Mexico City, Mexico

Today we have another day of visiting yet another ancient site situated south east of Mexico City in a town called Cholula
As we drive out of the city we pass many food and drink vendors enticing one to stop and purchase their products
Looking towards the fertile Valley of Puebla where Cholula is situated
We pass rich fertile pastures
Several active volcanoes surround the rich valley
It was amazing seeing the constant plumes of ash coming from the surrounding mountains
Our first view of the giant pyramid which looks like a hill with a church on top
Arriving in the busy town of Cholula where we are to visit the largest man made structure in the world which is now still covered by soil and vegetation
Lots of traffic!!!
Finally we are dropped off near the ancient site of the Great Pyramid of Cholula. It stands 55 m above the surrounding plain and in its final form it measured 450 by 450 metres
Tickets were purchased and then we proceeded to the entrance to the ancient site
We entered to Great Pyramid which consisted of almost 8 km of passages which have been excavated. We spent quite a while following numerous passages which at times made one feel slightly claustrophobic !!
Once out of the narrow passages of the ancient pyramid we take the path uphill to the magnificent church, Santuario de la Virgen de los Remedios
The beautiful church was built by the Spanish in colonial times in 1584 and sits perched on top of the ancient Great Pyramid
Parts of the of the ancient site were built at later stages and are exposed so can be easily visited
From our elevated position overlooking Cholula we could see several churches
Finally we arrive at our destination
Spectacular views over Cholula
Once we had visited the church we headed back down into the town
The main square of Cholula
On our return to Mexico City we came across an enormous traffic jam which completely halted the traffic for more than an hour
Once we started moving again, almost 2 hours later, we passed an accident site where there were several damaged trucks which had obviously lost control going downhill
In the evening after our long day of sightseeing we decided to have some light Japanese food at Tonton, a nearby restaurant
Delicious dumplings
Our favourite edamame beans with a spicy coating
We also enjoy some salmon sashimi and prawn sushi

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