2019-06-28 Casa Goliana, Mexico City, Mexico

We have an early departure this morning from Mexico City
Colourful houses cover the hills of the outskirts of the large city
After a 40 km trip northeast we arrive at the ancient Teotihuacan site
On arrival at the ancient site we pass the usual souvenirs stalls which line the entrance
Our first stop is to visit the Palace of the Jaguars
The central patio of the Palace of Quetzalpapaloti
The great city was first occupied in 100 AD and developed vigorously until 650 AD and finally abandoned in 750 AD
We head past many vendors selling all sorts of paraphenalia
On arrival at the magnificent ancient site we head for the Plaza of the Moon
We decide to get some morning exercise and climb to the first level of the ancient pyramid
The view from the first level was extraordinary ….. looking towards the Pyramid of the Sun
From this vantage point we could see straight down the Avenue of the Dead which is the main axis in the layout of the ancient city of Teotihuacan
A couple of four legged friends also enjoying the views !!
Time to carefully climb back down the numerous stairs to level ground once again
The Pyramid of the Sun stands 213 feet (65.5 m) high and is the largest and most impressive structure in Teotihuacan
In the midday heat, we decide that the climb to the summit of the large pyramid may be a little to exhausting for us today!!
The panels of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl are decorated with serpent heads and large masks
After spending several hours around the ancient site we proceed to return to Mexico City
On our return to the center of the capital we stop to visit an ancient church which is literally sinking …… there is an obvious lean to the building and also entering the church the floor is most certainly uneven!!
Restoration efforts aim to save the sinking Basilica Guadalupe in Mexico City
On our return to our hotel we decide to do some research and try a different restaurant within walking distance this evening
After making a booking we arrive at Broka Bistrot
On arrival we were pleased with the atmosphere of the restaurant
Some complimentary tastes arrived shortly after we were seated
We ordered some delicious drinks
We ordered some delightful small dishes to share
A couple of short and sharp drinks to finish off a lovely evening in a delightful restaurant

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