2019-06-25 Ivon y Tony Homestay, Trinidad to Hostal Luz, Havana via Santa Clara, Cuba

It is time leave Trinidad and continue our trip back to Havana via Santa Clara
Heading west and then north out of Trinidad on our way to Santa Clara we call into the home of a local coffee farmer and his wife
Our friendly host was pleased to show us her home and prepare a Cuban coffee for us all
Everything was neat and tidy in the small shed where all the cooking was done ….. there was lunch already in the progress of being cooked on the wood stove
Several four legged animals freely roamed around the house
This sow’s piglets were hiding in the bushes
There were also plenty of two legged varieties here too!!
Looking through the spotless living area of the house
Nearby we see their coffee plantation … some already harvested
On our way to Santa Clara we pass through the town of Manicaragua
We arrive in Santa Clara which is well known for its revolutionary landmarks
Santa Clara is the town where in late 1958 the last battle in the Cuban Revolution was held. Here a train was derailed carrying troops and supplies
The famous revolutionary Ernesto Guevara know as ‘Che’ was one of the major figures behind the attack at Santa Clara
The trains still stand where they were derailed over 60 years ago
Bullet holes can clearly be seen on the exterior of this hotel from the fighting in the main square of Santa Clara
Parque Vidal is the city center of Santa Clara and takes up whole block and is surrounded by wonderful old Colonial buildings
Signs of the late Fidel Castro can be seen all around Santa Clara
As in most areas of Cuba there are some fabulous well kept old vehicles
One of the major churches of the city is the Catedral de Santa Clara de Asis
Our next stop is to visit the famous Che Guevara Mausoleum which has a large statue of the revolutionary leader and houses his remains
Our journey with our guide, Gloria and our driver comes to an end here and we bid them farewell
After three hours of traveling by taxi from Santa Clara, we arrive back in Havana at Hostal Luz for our last night in Cuba
We have a different room on this visit which is quite colorful and comfortable
In the evening we decide to return to our favourite restaurant in Havana ……. we take the easy method to get there after a full day of sightseeing
We decide to dine early before the crowds arrive at Restaurant 5 Sentidos

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