2019-06-21 Villa Las Palmitas, Vinales Valley to Casa Zunilda & Raya Homestay, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Once again a healthy breakfast is set up for us on the rooftop of our accommodation in Vinales
Our wonderful hosts at Las Palmitas in the Vinales Valley
As planned, a taxi arrives at 7 am to take us to our next destination, Cienfuegos
We leave the spectacular Vinales Valley for our 415 km journey east
After almost 3 hours we pass by the outskirts of Havana and continue on to Cienfuegos
By 1 pm we arrive at our destination of Casa Zunilda & Raya Homestay in Cienfuegos, a city on the southern coast of Cuba with a population of around 150,000
Our lovely accommodation for the night
The house has a wonderful position near the end of a spit called La Punta. It has water across the road at the front of the house and also at the back of the house
Further along the street there is a swimming area where there were many people in the water to escape the heat and humidity
A typical brightly painted house nearby still under renovation at the moment
At the end of the street there is a park which is at the end of the point called La Punta very close to where our accommodation is located
Deciding to go to explore the town we hire a bicycle taxi to take us into the centro of Cienfuegos
There are some amazing houses such as the Palacio de Valle dating back to the Colonial times of Cuba
The Palacio de Valle which is situated near our homestay, was built from 1913 to 1917 and now operates as an upmarket hotel and restaurant
Our bicycle taxi pedaler is a local and has been cycling for many years in Cienfuegos …… it is a great way to get around at little cost
We head towards the center of the town following Paseo El Prado
The main street is lined with a brightly coloured buildings, many with porches
Our pedaler drops us off at the main city square now called Parque Jose Marti or Plaza de Armas as it was originally named
The historical center of Cienfuegos is adorned with monuments and amazing buildings that date back to the early 1800’s
The statue of José Marti who was a nationally cherished writer, poet and revolutionary philosopher stands in the park with his arm outstretched
A rotunda in the Parque José Marti is ideal for shade with seating for locals and visitors to escape the sun and heat
We make our way back to our accommodation passing many interesting buildings and monuments
After a couple of hours sightseeing we return to our accommodation with another fit and friendly pedaler
The fantastic view from our room at Casa Zunilda & Raya Homestay
We contemplate going swimming along the street however we decide to take the plunge from our homestay accommodation
At the back of the house is a lovely quaint area where one can actually take a dip in the water
The guest and family dining room with a fabulous bar
Fantastic fruit display in the center of the house
Our hosts kindly recommended this pleasant restaurant

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