2019-06-20 Villa Las Palmitas, Vinales Valley, Cuba

Breakfast is served on the rooftop of our homestay accommodation
Early morning fog lingers through the valley and around the hills of the Vanales Valley
Once again we set off for a walk through the countryside of the Vanales Valley
Cute, brightly painted wooden cottages line the street where we are staying
Today we have a little extra company on our walk
We pass strong oxen plowing the fields in the traditional way
We visit a typical local farmhouse
There was plenty of little piglets eagerly hovering around the sow
Snack time !!!
Continuing further we follow a track which leads us past more small farms and tobacco plantations
The scenery of the valley with the rich red earth in contrast with the green fields and surrounding mountains looks spectacular
One of the hard working local farmers
A recently planted tobacco field
We again visit the tobacco drying sheds
The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence …….
Visiting the tobacco farms in the Vanales Valley by horseback is a more relaxed option than by foot, especially when the temperature and humidity is high as it has been while we have been here
In the early evening after a good rest and some relaxation we decide to have dinner in one of the local restaurants
We pass some friendly locals on our way to the main street of the small town
We check out the small local market in town
Finally time for a refreshing drink …… the Cubar looked nice
A margarita and a beer were perfect to quench the thirst
We decide to have dinner at Cubar ….. the chef prepared a wonderful steak and grilled vegetables for us
We also shared some amazing grilled lobster
At our request the chef prepared a wonderful freshly cooked spicy tomato sauce to accompany our lobster …… all was absolutely delicious!!!!

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