2019-06-16 Central Hotel Panama, Panama City to Hostal Luz, Havana, Cuba

On our way to the airport we travel through the business district of Panama City passing some of the modern sky scrapers of the city
At lunchtime we arrive at the Tocumen International Airport which is situated approximately 20 km from Panama City
Soon we will board our CopaAirlines flight to Havana in Cuba
With heavy rain overnight and also this morning, the runway looked noticeably wet as planes landed and took off
Once up in the air we say goodbye to our wonderful few very interesting days spent visiting Panama
Two hours later we are flying over the rich farming areas of south western Cuba
In Cuba the main crops grown are sugar cane, rice which is a main source of calories in the traditional diet, citrus fruits, potatoes, bananas, cassava, tomatoes and corn. Coffee and tobacco are also grown and exported around the world
It didn’t take long to get to Havana as the José Marti International Airport was only 15 km to the south west of the city
Arriving at our fantastic accommodation in Havana, Hostal Luz which is perfectly positioned in the old part of the town
Hostal Luz was a colonial house built in 1840 and for many years until recently in 2014 it was used as private rental house for foreigners. Since then it has been beautifully restored to house wonderful accommodation for visitors to the city
After checking in and settling into our accommodation at the Hostal Luz, we walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner
La Vitrola serves great cocktails and specialises in good tasty Cuban food
A nice rich Cuban dessert to finish a tasty meal

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