2019-06-08 Floreana Island to Chinese Hat, off Santiago Island to North Seymour Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Early this morning we arrive at the small islet called Chinese Hat, also known as ‘Sombrero Chino’ which is situated off the south east coast of the much larger Santiago Island
We have an 8 am start for our first excursion ashore to the islet, Chinese Hat
The adjoining island, Santiago Island, like Chinese Hat is relatively barren due to it’s volcanic origins
Surrounded by clear blue water, Chinese Hat also has many pure white small sandy beaches
We make a landing via one of the beautiful small beaches
Chinese Hat is a very low lying islet with a maximum elevation of only 52 m
Many penguins can be found along the shore
Marine Iguanas can be found in great numbers sunning themselves by the shore
What an amazing face!!!
Today parts of the shoreline has a big sea bringing some spectacular waves ashore
Ric always has a lot of questions!!
Amazing scenery in every direction one looks
In the distance we can see the largest Galapagos island of Santa Cruz
We head back to one of the small beaches where we will be collected from to return to the Endemic
We spot a marine iguana heading out for a swim!!
After returning to the Endemic mid morning, several of us jumped at the opportunity to have our last dive of the trip
Our tenders arrived to pick us up after our snorkeling excursion
After lunch we leave for North Seymour Island passing Isla Daphne Major
We are conveniently positioned for our departure from Baltra Airport in the morning
Another superb sunset in the Galapagos Islands
A great view from the balcony of our cabin
On our last night aboard we decide to have a few cocktails!!
We begin our dinner with a baked aubergine entree
The Chef proudly displays his baked fish
We enjoyed a selection of baked fish, lobster, meatballs and beans and vegetables for dinner tonight

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