2019-06-07 Bartholomew Island to Devil’s Crown & Cormorant Point & the Baroness’ Overlook & Post Office Bay, Floreana Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The early morning excursion departs for Cormorant Point on the mid northern coast of Floreana Island
A number of flamingos can be seen by the lagoon
During the summer months the level of the lagoon drops considerably
On the south eastern side of Cormorant Point is a beautiful sandy beach
It was wonderful to see a group of penguins swimming in the shallow water by the shore
Mid morning we set off to the Devil’s Crown, just north of Cormorant Point for some serious snorkeling. It is an underwater volcanic crater with some rocks still exposed that apparently look like a devil’s crown
The girls looking glamorous in their diving gear!!
Swimming with sharks!!! Fortunately they are the more friendly types!!
A spotted stingray makes an appearance
Another larger shark suddenly appears
It was a fabulous snorkeling experience at Devil’s Crown. There was a very strong current which first carried us quickly through the area however we boarded the tenders again and on our second drop we swam more against the current to spend more time in the water!!
After lunch we took a little time out to relax and read and to get some vitamin D before the next excursion ashore
Numerous other cruise boats are often in the same bays as where we are moored
Devil’s Crown where we spent a good part of the morning snorkeling
Mid afternoon is our next excursion ashore to visit Post Office Bay
We follow the signed track to a clearing which keeps a legendary post barrel
This post barrel was used by whalers who historically used it to post their mail
Enrique our naturalist guide explained that whalers would leave their mail and they would sort through the ones left there. If there was one that they could hand deliver they would take it with them
We all posted three cards (ours to our children) and hoped one day they would be delivered to our family. All of us went through the piles of mail in case there we some we could hand deliver
After our visit to the post office we spent some time on the beach and went for another snorkel ….. these two sea lions seemed to enjoy the scenery
Not to mention having a lot of fun swimming with us underwater!!!
The coral reef and amazing looking fish were spectacular
Another large turtle swam close to us with very little fear!!
Time to pack up and return to the Endemic
Dinner aboard tonight is a barbecue !!!

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