2019-06-06 Santa Cruz Island to Bartholomew Island via Santa Fe, South Plaza Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

At 7 am we are anchored off the east coast of Santa Cruz Island by the small island of South Plaza Island
Breakfast is served on the back deck of the boat
Looking across to the low lying land of the east coast of Santa Cruz Island
Within the hour all the guests apart from us will be disembarking the Endemic to either continue travelling or returning to their homes
It was sad to say goodbye to such a lovely group of people
Late morning a group of new guests arrived for a three night cruise on board the Endemic
Another healthy lunch to give us energy for more excursions!!
While our new guests were getting settled into their cabins, the Endemic headed to a nearby fuel depot to fill up before continuing the cruise
Once underway again we continue north west to Isla Batholomew which is a small volcanic island, 1.5 sq km in size and is situated off the east coast of Isla Santiago
The most noticeable form on the small barren island is the gigantic pointed rock formation
There is good snorkeling by the rock formation and also a possibility of seeing some penguins
There is amazing rock formations all around the water’s edge
We were in luck today as there were a few penguins under the ledge of the large rock of Isla Bartholomew
It is not long after our dive before we are ashore heading up the steep boarded walkway towards the highest point of the island
Very little grows in this volcanic soil
Some types of cactus seem to survive the dry volcanic conditions
As we climb higher the view gets better!!
Not far to go now
A tiny islet off Isla Bartholomew looks like a perfect diving area
This beautiful elegant boat on anchor in the bay nearby was once owned by Princess Grace of Monaco

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