2019-06-04 San Cristobal lsland to Espanola Island via Osborn & Gardner Islets – Gardner Bay -Suarez Point, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This morning we head ashore at Bahia Gardner on the northern coast of Espanola Island, the southern most island of the Galapagos Islands
As we come ashore we are greeted by several sea lions cooling themselves off in the shallow water
The beautiful beach at Gardner Bay has the most wonderful white sand which is enjoyed by the visitors and sea lions alike!!
It is a good opportunity to get some exercise while ashore
By the number of footprints in the sand this morning, it looks like it has been a busy morning for the visitors to the beach
Many sea lions are enjoying the sun by the the seashore
A trio of Hood Mockingbirds which have no fear and often peck at tourist’s drinking bottles to try and get some water!!!
The water was amazing and it was great to have a lovely swim in such clear water
After our visit to the spectacular beach we head back to the boat
For the remainder of the morning there was an option for a snorkel which we both jumped at!!!
Enrique spends a lot of time underwater filming the wildlife
We return to the Endemic exhilarated after our hour of snorkeling
It is not long before the chef and the Endemic staff have lunch all set up and ready to go
Lunch is enjoyed on the back deck today
Great scenery
After lunch we motor west to Point Suarez and again we leave the boat for another excursion ashore
As the waves were breaking over the normal landing area, we make a landing at the small beach by the herd of sleeping sea lions
Numerous marine iguanas were also sunning themselves on the rocks by the beach
We head off on one of the rocky tracks around the foreshore of Suarez Point
The Galapagos or Waved Albatross are the largest birds living in the Galapagos Islands. They have a wingspan of over 2 metres and can live to the age of 45. They mate for life and go through a very lengthy courtship dance which involves dancing and fencing with their beaks
Spectacular scenery along the coast to Point Suarez
There is quite a large swell in the sea today making the waves crash spectacularly ashore
A two headed bird!!! A pair of young Nazca Boobys
Shortly before 6 pm we are collected from the shore to return to the Endemic
Have been waiting a long time to see green flashes at sunset!!!! Green flashes and green rays are meteorological optical phenomena that sometimes occur just after sunset or right before sunrise. … Green flashes occur because the Earth’s atmosphere can cause the light from the sun to separate out into different colors
A seafood barbecue on the upper deck this evening
A special occasion for James and Amanda celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary today
Chef has prepared a delicious cake for the celebration ……
……… and James and Amanda provided the champagne for a lovely toast for the occasion
It was a delightful evening and a few of us Australians got together for a nice nightcap !!!!

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