2019-06-03 Santa Cruz Island to San Cristobal Island via Witch Hill & Kiker Rock, Lobos Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Today’s busy itinerary
Amazing rock formations jutting up from the sea
The impressive looking Kiker Rock is apparently a geological formation due to erosion
Time to get suited up for our early morning snorkeling expedition
Our guide, Enrique doesn’t need a snorkel!!!
The amazing shear cliff face of Kiker Rock
Tired looking 7 am divers at Kiker Rock Galapagos Islands!!!
The early morning snorkel was worth every minute !!!
A well earned breakfast !!!
Lots of fresh fruit, eggs cooked to your liking, omelets and pancakes available for breakfast
Mid morning we are again off on another excursion …. thank goodness for a hearty breakfast!!
Enrique our guide always has a smile on his face!!
As we all do too!!!

Passing through the opening in the cliff at Cueva del Brujio
Next we are taken ashore to a beautiful beach
Although the day looked quite overcast, it was still very mild and very pleasant for a nice long walk along the pristine beach
With the sun appearing several of our group tested the beautiful clear water
After our beach and swimming excursion we return to the boat and our cabins to find some interesting towel arrangements
Lunch is served in air conditioned comfort
After lunch we decided to join the snorkeling group again
Everybody was getting excited because the sea lions had joined us in the water!! My Tough Olympus underwater camera caught some great shots and videos of the cheeky and playful sea lions
Late afternoon we prepare for yet another excursion ashore, this time a dry landing and a trail walk
Our trail walk began on a very rocky uneven path and fortunately for some, including Ric, brought along walking sticks!!!!

The magnificent Frigatebirds can be found in tropical areas and are abundant in the Galapagos Islands. The females have white underbellies and males have a distinctive red gular pouch, which they inflate during the breeding season to attract females 

The birds on Galapagos Islands have no fear of humans and look like they enjoy having their photos taken
We continue our walk along the rocky foreshore seeing some amazing surf
By the rocky path we spot a pair of Blue Footed Booby birds. As we continued on our walk we came across a number of others including a male bird sitting on an egg and another pair courting each other with their dancing and clattering beaks
As we continued we came across numerous sea lions
As we head back to the Endemic we reflect on what a huge day we had with activities one after the other. Our first full day was certainly a full one !!
It was 6.45 pm when our tenders arrived to collect us from the shore
We all looked forward to our dinner after such a busy day
Salmon Ceviche for entree tonight
For main course we enjoyed a delicious pork dish with vegetables and salad

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