2019-05-29 Casa Adina Premium Hotel, Puno to Colca Lodge, Colca Canyon, Peru

Early morning overlooking Puno and Lake Titicaca
Stray dogs out and about on the walkway by the hotel
The comfortable bar area of the hotel where we enjoyed a few drinks and pizzas last night with some delightful American acquaintances
We check out of our hotel and at 8.30 am we are collected by our guide and driver
Driving out of Puno we head uphill and catch glimpses of Lake Titicaca where we spent the previous day
Lake Titicaca fluctuates from season to season however generally the level has receded over the years
We once again pass through the city of Juliaca and then turn off south west on our way to the Colca Valley
At Santa Lucia we continue west towards Laguna Lagunillis
We drive through some spectacular scenery
Soon we pass the tranquil shores of Laguna Lagunillis
Although the day looks clear and the sun is shining, the air temperature is still reasonably cool at around 15 degrees C
We look back across the Laguna to the road from where we had come from
While taking the photo this active volcano sent a huge puff of steam into the air
Our guide told us that this sign is incorrect! Apparently Chachani is on the right and Pichupichu should be on the left!!
Continuing on the scenery is absolutely magnificent
The quietest of the group of volcanos is called Misti, however it has not had an eruption for sometime!! Being the closest volcano to the town of Arequipa which has a population over 1 million …… it is a worry!!
Lunch boxes had been organised at this small pleasant eatery where we sat undercover and enjoyed the wonderful surrounding views
The sign around the Alpacas neck was “please buy me some milk”
Once underway again we spot quite a few Alpacas grazing by the roadside
It was unusual to see the ice beside the road
Passersby stack the small rocks for luck ….. we made sure we did the same!!
This church was very much affected during the recent large earthquake in 2016
Apparently these hot spring pools are attached to our hotel
We finally arrive at the beautiful Colca Lodge
The first thing we do after checking in is to go down to the thermal pools
There was even a bar at the hot springs site!!
A delightful young French couple were enjoying the wonderful hot springs experience
In the next pool there were some delightful English bathers
We enjoyed a lovely dinner in the hotel restaurant
The quinoa salad was great followed by some delicious tender beef

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