2019-05-25 Aranwa Boutique Hotel, Cusco, Peru

At 10 am we are collected from our hotel by our guide and a driver for a half day private tour of Cusco
We visit the Santo Domingo Convent
Ric and our guide, Christina

The Cloisters of the Convent of Santo Domingo
On the hill above the city is a giant statue of Christ called Cristo Blanco

From the hill above the city, near the Christ statue, is the best view over the city
The Plaza de Armas, the major square of Cusco stands out surrounded by the city’s major churches

In the far distance is the Cusco Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport
Traditional Peruvian brightly coloured cloths, woollens and handicrafts are on sale by local ladies nearby
Above the city looms the ancient military fortress of the Incas called Sasayhuaman
Very little of the fortress of Sasayhuaman remains however in it’s time it would have been a grand structure overlooking Cusco
With the altitude of around 3,400 m above sea level one feels the shortness of breath especially while walking uphill
After our tour we were dropped off at Plaza de Armas
La Catedral of Cusco which was built on top of an Inca palace took 100 years to complete between the mid 1500’s and mid 1600’s
El Triunfo, Cusco’s first church which was built on top of the main Inca armoury to symbolize Spain’s victory over the Incas
The 18th Century Jesus Maria y Jose chapel has a lavish Baroque interior, with gold, silver and hundreds of paintings compared to the plain Renaissance exterior
Iglesia de la Compania, a Jesuit church was originally intended to be Cusco’s grandest church however some of the plans were thwarted not to surpass the Cathedral …. it still looks amazing!!
Plaza de Armas is a very popular meeting and relaxing place for locals and tourists
Photos at a price are always worth it!!!
The wooden balconies on the Plaza de Armas
During the afternoon we make a booking for dinner at Cicciolina
When we arrived early at 6 pm taking 2 seats at the bar, there were already a large crowd for dinner at Cicciolina’s
Ric orders our usual wine of choice, vino tinto
Delicious sesame seed prawns
Staff bringing in the fresh produce for the restaurant
The next wonderful dish which we ordered is the salmon ceviche
It is amazing how many staff were working in the tiny open kitchen at
Fantastic scallops arrive next
A delightful American couple enjoying their holidays were sitting beside us
A perfect finish to a wonderful dining experience at Cicciolina
Heading back to our hotel we pass the wonderful Plaza de Armas with it’s amazing churches

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