2019-05-22 Inkaterra Hacienda Hotel, Urubamba, Peru

Another bright and clear day for our second full day tour of the Sacred Valley

Once again we head off west along the base of the tall mountains passing through the small town of Yucay
We pass the local school of the town, with the entrance painted in very bright colours
On our way to our first stop at Maras, we pass quite stunning scenery
The colour of the fields in the foreground were amazing, in contrast to the surrounding mountains in the back ground
Our first glimpse of the famous salt terraces of Maras from the road high above the site
The view of the valley beyond the salt terraces was equally as spectacular
We continued down to the entrance to the salt terraces, which amazingly have been in use since Inca times
Different coloured salts are produced here at the Maras salt terraces
After our visit to the salt terraces we head towards the town of Maras
Plaza de Armas is the main square in Maras which has a well photographed centre piece statue
The locals of Maras have set up a lunch stall by the main square
Continuing west towards Moray we pass many fields of crops
Quinoa crops awaiting harvest with stunning glaziers in the mountains behind
Our next visit is to Moray, which is famous for its embedded amphitheatre formed by four circular terraces which seem to disappear into the interior like an artificial crater
Evidence seem to suggest that Moray was an important centre of Inca agriculture research on crops grown on different sized plots and at various altitudes. The irrigated fertile soil was experimented with more than 250 different types of vegetables and also cereals like corn, quinoa and kiwicha
Other terraced circles nearby are still in the stages of being excavated. It is believed these were also used to test growth of vegetables etc in different altitudes and micro climates as were done in the large site
While visiting the Moray site which is at the height of 3,500 m above sea level, it was amazing listening to the haunting sounds of the pan pipe flutist
We continue on from Moray to our last stop, heading south east to the small town of Chinchero
It is quite amazing to see how many native Australian eucalyptus trees are growing in Peru
A popular and fun way to visit some of the towns in the Sacred Valley
On the road to Chinchero we came across a panorama lookout which looked down on the Urabamba Valley and we could clearly see the hotel we were staying in below
With my camera lens to the maximum I could clearly see the Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba Hotel in the far distance
Locally produced weaved products are for sale here at the panorama outlook by the road
Once we arrived in the small quaint town of Chinchero we first visited an establishment set up a number of years ago to display the traditional locally weaved products and also demonstrated the method of dying yarn and weaving
Using natural dyes this young Chinchero lady demonstrated to us how they dyed their yarns for weaving
Next we were given a demonstration of weaving by another local young lady
The staff were very pleased we made a couple of purchases
The traditionally dressed local Chinchero young ladies
Our next stop was to visit the lamas and alpacas across the road
Cute faces …….
After feeding the alpacas and lamas we continue walking up the road into the town
After a visit to one of the local shops, I made a sensible light weight purchase!!
I was amazed with the shop owner’s wonderful plats and length of hair, which is very common for the local women
We arrive at the local town square at the top of the village where there is a large display of locally weaved products
Beautifully weaved rugs ….. unfortunately too heavy for our bags
Every spare moment is used to spin yarn by the young ladies of the town

Soon we were on our way back to the hotel following the winding road back down to Urubamba
Once we arrive back at the hotel we say goodbye to our excellent local guide, Yashira and driver, Cristian
Once again after a long day of wonderful sightseeing we relaxed in the delightful lounge of the hotel
Dinner this evening began with carpaccio of tuna
Followed by an unusual eggplant dish
Fresh salad
As usual a fabulous dessert to finish a delicious dinner

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