2019-05-18 Ife Boutique Hotel, Lima, Peru

Jesus arrives to pick us up for a personal sightseeing tour of some local parts of Lima
The Ife Boutique Hotel our accommodation in Lima
First stop for us is to get local sim cards for our mobiles
Jesus parks the car and we set off on foot to explore the Barranco area
In Barranco there are many amazing colourful art murals which are popular with visitors to the area
We head down Bajada de los Banos, a sloping path lined with elegant summer houses down to the ocean
We continue down to the Barranco Beach area
Surfers come to Barranco Beach to surf all year round
This morning there is a heavy sea mist along the coast
A popular restaurant and club by the water
We decide to take a long walk with Jesus along the foreshore
We pass some nice apartments overlooking the ocean
Fishing boats anchored offshore
We head for the elevated walkway to cross the busy coastal road
Attractive gardens and lawns with statues line the foreshore
We visit the Museo Pedro de Osma
The early 20th Century French inspired mansion is one of Barranco’s oldest
Lunch time ….. we booked a table at Mayo
Mayo is attached to the Central Restaurant which apparently is one of the best restaurants in the world
Mayo is a more casual restaurant however the food still comes from the kitchen of the Central Restaurant
Food is served at the bar or at low tables
The best pisco sour ever!!
A small sharing tasting dish arrives from the kitchen ….. charred potatoes with a stunning dipping sauce
We ordered a few dishes to share between the three of us, which were amazing. The flavours of each dish were incredible
A cold drip coffee machine looked amazing on the bar
Above Maya is another restaurant called KJolle which is an A La Carte restaurant also attached to Central
The famous Lima restaurant called Central
After lunch we continue our walk around Barranco
In the evening with our Peruvian family we attend a dinner and cultural show, which included Peruvian dancing and a horse show
Before we sat down to dinner we were invited to see the horses who were going to be performing later in the evening
We had a fabulous evening and were invited to pose with the dancers

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