2019-05-16 Hotel Redbury, Miami, Florida, USA

Best way to see a new city is to take the Hop On Hop Off buses
This bus had it’s own tour guide
Dark clouds are appearing on the horizon
Interesting street art
It was not long before a few drops of rain were felt
Soon the drops of rain increased and all the passengers went downstairs on the bus
We got off at the main bus stop, Bayfront Park where we had tickets for a boat cruise
Once we boarded the Ocean Queen the rain began to increase
The cruise took us past numerous waterside mansions which were owned by the rich and famous
A wetter experience for some!!
A floating restaurant on the Seafair
Once we completed the cruise we managed to secure a taxi which took us safely back to our hotel through the flooded streets
We managed to get into our hotel without getting our shoes wet …..thanks to our ingenious taxi driver!!

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